Privacy Policy

If you decide to use our website, there are a few pieces of information that you should know concerning your privacy when visiting our website.

We collect personal information of all internet users who register with us. We follow all privacy policy terms and standards for this information.

We may collect your IP address, the internet connection speed, browser language and screen resolution when you visit our website. This information is used to ensure the best possible experience on our website, and to help with the improvement of your navigation.

We monitor the IP address of any client that visits our website.

The IP address information is used to identify multiple accounts from the same user or from the same computer. This is against our ToS.

We are not responsible for the disclosure of the information that is provided on our website due to the recklessness of the client, or failure to secure passwords or access to your email.

If customer complaints concerning this information are brought to our attention citing privacy policy violations, we will first check to ensure that client negligence is not responsible for the breach of data.

Any inquiry should be addressed in writing to our dedicated support via the contact page available on our website.